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The Spark Team Examined 10,463+ Successful Affiliates Stories and Discovered

How Losing His Job Turned Into a $1000 Per Day Cash Machine For This Struggling Dad.

Earn Your First Affiliate Paycheck Faster Than 97% Of New Affiliates

When new affiliates come to ClickBank, 9 times out of 10, they fail and never even make a single sale. Their dreams of financial freedom, location independence, and escaping their 9-5’s are crushed by the harsh reality of affiliate marketing.

Most new affiliates who fail aren’t following any kind of consistent plan with a predictable series of steps. They’re just trying to figure out how to make sales online by watching random YouTube videos, taking online influencer courses, and joining affiliate Facebook groups.

Sure, you can pick up some good advice here and there – but will you find proven success fast enough to actually stick with it? Will you be in the top 3% of ClickBank affiliates who make life-changing sales from affiliate marketing?

At ClickBank, our business relies on new affiliates like yourself, making sales on our platform, because we get a small cut of each sale that is made.

If we don’t create new affiliates, our company simply dies.

Over the years, our team has studied all the education online related to affiliate marketing and cross-referenced it with the 25+ years and $5.8 billion worth of learnings behind our most successful affiliates and their campaigns.

What we found stopped us in our tracks…

Again and again, we noticed that there were 3 simple, yet critical steps missing from all the content that so-called “gurus” were putting out online.

We could no longer stand by and just hope that these gurus would teach affiliates how to find success.

We were tired of watching people fail on our platform because they followed advice that would never get them where they wanted to go.

They all missed the 3 simple steps that could take new affiliates, like yourself, to your first paycheck 97% faster than most who come to ClickBank…

That’s Why We Created…

What is Spark by ClickBank?

Spark is a trusted collection of courses, community, and tools to help you learn affiliate marketing, how to use ClickBank, and how to drive traffic in order to kick start your efforts to make money online.

Taught by the employees who run ClickBank and our most successful clients.”

Courses. Community. Tools.

See what’s inside…

5-Point Hot Offer Checklist
4 Done For You Funnel Templates
Free Traffic Academy
Generating Traffic With Facebook Ads
Guided Funnel Workshop
How to Drive Organic Traffic
How to Get Started on ClickBank
How to Monetize on TikTok
VIP Small Group Coaching



The best affiliate marketing training paired with ClickBank’s very own funnel builder designed to take you from zero to super affiliate status.

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  • Affiliate Foundations
  • Generating Traffic
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Weekly VIP Group Coaching
  • Direct Access to ClickBank Experts
  • Community Channels on Discord
  • Advanced Student Learner Guides
  • Direct Access to ClickBank Experts
  • 5 Point Hot Offer Checklist
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Website & Blog Builder
  • Analytics
  • Intelligent Funnel Generator
  • Proven Affiliate Funnel Templates
  • 4 Major Campaigns per Month (up to 40k emails)
  • Up to 10,000 contacts


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ClickBank’s premiere affiliate marketing education program designed to show you the ins and outs of the industry and guide you on the path to generating income as an affiliate.

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The only affiliate marketing funnel builder designed specifically for promoting ClickBank offers and running affiliate traffic + so much more…

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REAL ClickBank Data

Spark was created using all of the learnings we’ve gathered after paying over 5.5 Billion dollars in commissions to our affiliates.

Free + Paid Traffic

Choose how you’d like to drive traffic based on speed, strategy, and costs.

Real ClickBank Experts

ClickBank employees and vetted industry experts walk you step by step to affiliate success.

Over 40k Students

Tested and proven by thousands across the globe – Spark is the #1 Affiliate Marketing program for ClickBank users.

Active Community + Support

Gain instant access to a thriving community on Discord full of like minded individuals and real ClickBank employees that you can chat with anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

We know you are going to LOVE Spark, but if for some reason you don’t, reach out to our support team and get your money back, no questions asked.


I bought a course and learned everything about affiliate marketing. Now I was more confident. I started promoting ClickBank products again and finally saw some sales coming in.


I consider this course an absolute most for people looking into starting on affiliate marketing.


Spark offers great bite-sized video portions of a massive wealth of knowledge in affiliate and digital marketing. It provides an effective roadmap to encourage beginners, and prevent confusion on how to best get started.


Everything in this course was amazing! I’ve learned so much and I will put it to good use and probably come back to it from time to time….if I get stuck. They made everything so clear.


Spark has provided the foundation I need to begin my Affiliate Marketing experience on a positive note. It provided a process for getting started as well as a magnitude of information and examples for success.


Spark is a trusted collection of online courses, community, and tools to help you learn affiliate marketing, how to use ClickBank, and how to drive traffic in order to kick-start your efforts to make money online. The courses are taught by employees who run ClickBank and our most successful affiliates. It is completely owned and operated by ClickBank.

Spark is not another course from the “typical” online guru. ClickBank has paid over 5.5 Billion dollars in commissions and only succeeds when our affiliates succeed – So it’s in our best interest to equip you with the best, most up-to-date, resources that nearly every successful affiliate uses. Our business literally depends on your success. Spark pairs education, tools, and community to provide step-by-step affiliate marketing training designed to help new affiliates make their first $2000 (& beyond) online.

No. You can use ClickBank without Accelerator. We created Accelerator based on feedback from our affiliates that wanted to start promoting and realized they had to have additional tools to be successful. Using Accelerator is the only additional tool created and backed by the ClickBank team designed to make you successful on ClickBank.

Spark is designed to accommodate a wide range of schedules and lifestyles. If you work through a few courses a day, you can expect to finish the program within two weeks. But Spark doesn’t stop when the videos end. Once you’ve gone through all of the videos, you will have the community, tools, resources, and knowledge you need to launch your own affiliate marketing career. Spark offers dozens of supplemental resources and software–all of which are available at the click of a button.

Your Spark enrollment comes with a 90 day, 100% guarantee that allows you to purchase in confidence. If for some CRAZY reason you decide this program isn’t for you, you can ask us for a refund via any of Spark’s support channels within the first 90 days of your purchase. No gimmicks, no hassle, no questions asked.

As long as you are a paying member – everything included in your Spark plan will be available for you to access at any time. If you cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to the Spark courses, community, and tools.