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Spark is ClickBank’s education platform that offers courses, tools and community to help you grow your affiliate marketing business.


Spark offers courses for all levels

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Spark Certification

The foundation you need to get started as an Affiliate or Vendor on ClickBank. Learn the basics and start earning. This course includes access to the 7-day Challenge and Campfire.

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Every Spark course includes access to the Spark Campfire community, so you will never be alone on your journey!

The Campfire Community is home to live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week with Perry Belcher! These sessions include trainings, Q&A’s, and interviews with industry experts.

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All the Tools for Your Success in One Place

Spark’s comprehensive course library makes learning Digital Marketing easier than ever before.

Launch Your Great Idea

Each of Spark’s courses and lessons prepare you to make your online marketing dreams a reality. Each of our courses are designed with your success in mind.

The Path to Your First ClickBank Paycheck

Kacey Duncan, Spark’s Head Instructor is your 1:1 coach who step-by-step, guides you through each and every important milestone and piece of information to see that first ClickBank paycheck hit your account.

Our 20+ Years of Knowledge = Your Success

We supply loads of guided tutorials, recommendations, and even discounts on industry tools to make digital marketing simple, easy and most importantly, fun!

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