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The Secret To Launching a ProfitableONLINE BUSINESSIn Just 7 Days

Discover how you can kill your 9-5, do something you love, and generate huge profits without a massive investment or buying a bunch of cheap crap from China.

Yes! I Want To Start My Online Business

If it isn’t obvious by now, let me spell it out…

The Old-School Approach to Earning a Living is Dead.

Does That Sound Like You?

  • Mountains of college debt?
  • Waves of layoffs since 2020?
  • Juggling two or three jobs just to put food on the table?
  • Yearning to escape that soul-sucking 9-5 and stop lining someone else’s pockets?
  • Dreaming that you could start a business that lets you live the life you’ve always wanted..?

It’s Time to Make a Change

The truth is, most middle class and poor people stay poor.


Because they have limiting beliefs about what is possible.

As Henry David Thoreau famously said

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

But guess what?

That doesn’t have to describe you.

You’re taking the first step towards breaking out and building a new life for yourself.

The first step towards building confidence in yourself and building a new stream of income.

Most people never get this far…

They just dream of what it COULD be like

You’re exceptional just because you’re here, believing in yourself.

In fact, you’re probably a lot like our friend Francisco.

How a Broke College Student Started a $250k/yr Business

“It’s real. You can make It.”

Francisco was a broke college student, trying to keep his grades up to keep his scholarship.

Every day, he’d go to class, but wasn’t learning what he needed to transform his life.

His parents and so many other people had believed in him – and he wanted to reward their support.

One day he found a page just like this one teaching him to make sales online…

And he was all in.

A week later, on his way to school, he got an alert on his phone saying he made $1,000 in a day.

For the first time – he knew making real money online is possible.

“It’s real. You can make It. If you are disciplined about it, you will achieve success.

Francisco Valenzuela // 2023 ClickBank Platinum Affiliate

Because of that, he quit college to focus on his business, and bought his parents a new car.

Now, at 22 years old, he is making more than most people in Chile – over $250K every year.

If The Traditional 9-5 Route Just Isn’t For You

But you don’t know how to break free…

We want to share with you the best business model that you can start this week, working from home…

In fact, we’ve uncovered the perfect online business model that has helped people to make an extra $1,000, $10,000 or even $100k a month…


  • Spending hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of digital marketing
  • Having to track down pain-in-the-neck clients
  • Wasting hundreds of hours designing, building, and shipping products
  • Buying tons of cheap crap from China (only to permanently fill your spare bedroom with junk)
  • Spending over $10,000 dollars you don’t have to start a business

If You’ve Ever Dreamed Of Having an Online Income

Here’s the Secret:

There are a bunch of companies out there that have great products, but don’t know how to sell them.

They need people who know online marketing in order to make sales…

…and they are willing to pay top dollar for people who can drive sales to them.

But here’s the other secret: getting started in online marketing isn’t that hard.

In fact, we can show you how to start in just 7-days.

At Clickbank, we’ve got our finger on the pulse, knowing exactly what’s hot, what’s not, and how to turn clicks into cash.

$6.2B+ Paid Commissions paid to ClickBank Affiliates
379K+ Sellers/Affiliates Active users on the ClickBank Platform
$85M+ Sales Affiliate sales on the ClickBank Platform

Recently, we’ve taken a peek behind the curtain, uncovering the nuts and bolts of online success.

And here’s the kicker: we’ve cracked the code and boiled it down into bite-sized lessons you can breeze through in just 7-days.

No need to break your piggy bank or pawn your mother’s jewelry – our First Sale Challenge is your golden ticket.

We’ll walk you through picking your niche, sourcing top-tier products, and how to quickly and easily leverage top marketing tactics.

The 7-Day Launch Plan

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Making money Online

Unlock The Secret to Online Business Success

  • Harness our foolproof process that destroys procrastination, skyrockets confidence, and fast-track your journey to success
  • Unlock the biggest opportunity for the average person to replace their income while working from home
  • Reveal the key to achieving success in online business, even if you’ve failed in the past

Discover the Tools and Tactics To Start Selling Fast

  • Discover the secret to finding “hidden gem” offers that have low competition and are highly profitable
  • Gain access to the automatic tools that will unlock the path to massive profits without years of experience or hours of research
  • Discover the exact process we use to quickly launch new online businesses
  • And more…

Find The Perfect Product To Sell For Your Niche

  • Learn the 5 things every successful product has that ensures their marketplace success
  • Find a product you are passionate about that aligns with your niche
  • Select your go-to-market product that will be your turnkey profitable product
  • And more…

Pick The Perfect Traffic Source For You and Your Business

  • Discover the perfect traffic source that plays to your strengths and fits your niche
  • Uncover the secrets to driving massive traffic to your pages
  • Discover the 2 methods for growing risk-free and rapidly scaling your business
  • And more…

Build A Powerful Landing Page in Minutes

  • No technical skills required! Effortlessly paste your content into our powerful templates
  • Master the art of crafting a compelling sales page in just 20 minutes
  • Discover the “engine elements” that turn your landing page into a serious sales machine
  • And more…

Supercharge Your Sales

  • Learn to create content that continually attracts customers to you even if you are at your full-time job or even on vacation
  • Discover the 3 things you need to create viral content that drives traffic to your page
  • Discover the secret to rapidly turning your side hustle into a 6-figure business
  • And more…

Launch Your Online Business

  • Launch your online business and ignite your sales engine
  • Flood your channels with traffic and grab your customer’s attention
  • Lean on the wisdom and camaraderie of seasoned marketers who’ve tread this path before in our exclusive discord community
  • Then…

Start Making Sales!

Driving Traffic is the Key to Success

Here’s the bottom line:

If you’re not driving traffic to your pages, you’re not making sales.

It’s the #1 hurdle we see new marketers stumble over…

…and it’s often what kills their momentum.

But fear not, because we’re not going to let that happen to you.

We’re here to equip you with the tools to drive massive traffic to your pages:

  • Even if you aren’t a seasoned marketing whiz
  • Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend
  • Even if you don’t have all the fancy gear

Which is why we have compiled our best Done-For-You Traffic Templates and giving them to you COMPLETELY FREE.

These resources are pure gold, designed to flood your pages with more traffic than you can handle.

Done-For-You Traffic Templates

Free Gift Included With Purchase

The EZ Content Marketing Plan

Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • Discover the simple 5-3-2 method that drives massive engagement, loyalty, and sales for FREE
  • Unlock the 12 “perfect posts” currently dominating social media—designed to deliver results even for those without extensive marketing or copywriting experience.
  • Steal our 31 Day Content Calendar – along with the exact posting frequency you need to supercharge your business and engagement

The Automatic Content Generator

Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • Unveil the simple strategy for crafting viral content within your niche, all while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to lighten your workload
  • Bid farewell to frustration with our zero-fuss content method that allows you to piggyback off of the success of experts in your niche
  • Easily create 365 days of scroll-stopping content in just hours without spending a single penny

The Traffic Tackle Box: 52 Hooks for Creating Viral Content

Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • Unveil the simple strategy for crafting viral content within your niche, all while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to lighten your workload
  • Bid farewell to frustration with our zero-fuss content method that allows you to piggyback off of the success of experts in your niche
  • Easily create 365 days of scroll-stopping content in just hours without spending a single penny

The Ad Copy Cookbook

Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • Reveal the secret recipe for success in the fast-paced world of direct response video ads
  • Drive massive sales for a fraction of the cost – without spending hours creating or monitoring your ads
  • Whip up irresistible ads with our 14 tried-and-true ad recipes (perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike)

The Mobile Media Mogul

Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • Discover the secrets of professional photo and video capture in under 15 minutes
  • Master the art of crafting cinematic, polished videos and photos using just your smartphone—no need for expensive equipment
  • Unveil the “Budget Buy List” for ambitious individuals craving top-tier video production results without the premium price tag.

We’ve never made these secrets available to the public before…

But we want to invest in your success…

So here’s the cherry on top:

You’ll unlock all of the Done-For-You Traffic Templates when you receive a complimentary one-month access to Spark when you sign up for the First Sale Challenge.

This way, after your 7 day challenge, you’ll still have expert guidance at your fingertips, ensuring you confidently rake in those sales and propel your business forward at lightning speed.

Give it a whirl for a month, and if it’s not your cup of tea, simply cancel.

So, with no barriers standing in your way, imagine making those sales in less than a week…

The Best Business Anyone Can Start Right Now

There isn’t a better, easier, faster, or surer way to start a successful online business.

See what our students have to say about us:

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And guess what? You can do it, too

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The 5-Point Hot Offer Checklist

The Simple System for Selling Profitable Products

Uncover the essential guide for new marketers, revealing the five key ingredients to choose the perfect product for big sales.

Master niche selection, the steps for finding profitable products, and how to sell them for fun and profit – without coming across as too “pushy”


$700K Funnel Secrets

The Successful Marketing Strategy Every Beginner Needs to Copy

Dive deep into the inner workings of a high-earning affiliate’s funnel, dissecting the ad campaigns, social media strategy, and landing pages that propelled them to over $700K in sales.

Uncover the proven blueprint for success, meticulously crafted to flood your business with sales.


The Free Traffic Fasttrack

The Million View Video Tactics that Grow Your Social Media and Your Business for Free!

Unleash the tactics that drove Rachel to 1.3 million followers and over 21 million likes on TikTok!

These free, low-risk tactics are your #1 resource for growing and monetizing an audience on social media through short form video!


The Marketing Money Machine

The easy approach to making Facebook Ads that drive sales and rapidly scale your business.

This high-octane course shows you how to grow quickly, learn faster, and achieve huge results.

From set-up to sales, you’ll master the art of crafting compelling ads that convert and how to effortlessly fine-tune your ads to accelerate your business growth.


The 6-Figure Blogging Blueprint

The blogging system that drives massive sales by simply answering your customer’s questions

This blueprint contains the secret structure of a winning article and how to quickly and easily write them!

Explore the 6 common article formats guaranteed to captivate your audience, drive clicks, and seamlessly convert to sales.

Swipe our foolproof content writing checklist, ensuring each article you produce hits the mark every time, leaving your readers craving more.


Our Done-For-You Traffic Templates

Effortlessly Drive Views, Clicks, and Sales with These 5 Powerful Templates

Stop struggling to drive traffic to your pages!

These 5 powerful templates contain the cheat-codes professional marketers are using to easily create professional content that gets tons of likes and clicks without breaking the bank!

From the perfect content to post, to scroll-stopping hooks, to the exact words to write – this collection of templates will flood your pages with more traffic and deliver results fast.


Lifetime Access to our First Sale Challenge

This course is packed full of wisdom, offering fresh insights every time you revisit it.

That’s why, when you join the First Sale Challenge, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll get LIFETIME access.

When you’re feeling stuck, when you want to try a campaign you remembered seeing, you can always boot up this challenge and refresh your memory.

Get Everything for Just $47

(and why it’s such a steal)

We help people make money online.

Our success depends on you making sales…

Which is why we’re slashing the price: To equip you with the skills you need to make your first sale online.

And once you have a thriving business, we hope you keep working with the #1 affiliate site in the world (hey, that’s us!)

All we ask is if you sign up now, please commit to finishing the whole 7-day challenge.

“You guys have to watch it.”

When I started to watch the course I said, whoa, he’s really showing the screen and creating the ads and the structures and the audiences. I said, okay, I’m going to listen to him exactly, step-by-step
LUCAS LINO 2023 ClickBank Platinum Affiliate $1.3M in last 90 days

Our 7-Day Success Guarantee

Because we only want to sell to you if you’re going to take action and put in the commitment required to see the results.

If you’re feeling like all of this is too good to be true, it isn’t.

You just heard from Lucas, who has made over $1.3M in the last 90 days…

Hear what Jenn, a mom of four who made over $5M in a year has to say:

“Oh my gosh! I got my first sale!”

It was actually fairly quick. Like, I was just starting to test ads and write copy and learn all of those things learn about the creatives. And I think my first sale was valued at well over $300 in commission. So it’s like, holy cow, this works!
JENN LECOMPTE 2023 ClickBank Diamond Affiliate $5M+ Revenue in 2022

Yes, Lucas and Jenn are some of our top students…

…But we have helped 379,679 people make their first sale online, and we created this course based on all of the people who have found success on our platform over the last 25 years…

And you’re next in line for success.

But the thing is, you need to test-drive the challenge to fully decide if this challenge is as valuable as everyone is saying.

So, at any point, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

Just let us know that you weren’t over-the-moon thrilled with your purchase, and we will refund your order.

That’s our 100% money back guarantee.

Yes! Help Me Start Selling High-Commision Products Today

And Launch Your Business in 7 Days

Accept the Challenge Today and Claim All Of Your Bonuses:

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  • Done-For-You Traffic Templates
  • The EZ Content Marketing Plan
  • The Automatic Content Generator
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  • The Ad Copy Cookbook
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