Discord Community Help

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What is Discord?

Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app that’s used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. Learn more at Discord.com.


If you are completely new to Discord:

Use this link to join the ClickBank Community on Discord


If you already have a Discord account:

  1. Login into Discord and click on the “Add a Server” icon
  2. Click on the “Join a Server” button
  3. Copy this invite link and enter it into the space provided: https://discord.gg/YHgTyuWk
  4. Click “Join Server”


Common Issues & Quick Solutions

Occasionally new Discord sign ups experience a more in-depth verification process than what most are familiar with. If you get caught in this loop of verifying your email address without being able to access the ClickBank Community. Try closing the window and starting over, using this Invite Link.


Get Support

Email our team: spark@clickbank.com