Funnel Workshop 97

Get the Funnels That Made Over $700k So You Can Skip the Trial and Error Phase

These Two Funnel Examples Will Help You Find ClickBank Success 5x Faster!

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90-Minute Guided Funnel Workshop w/ Real Examples

Learn directly from ClickBank expert Kyle Kostechka as he breaks down every step of these two high-converting affiliate funnels:

This advertorial funnel is proven to convert with health and fitness products by mimicking news-articles in the pre-sale phase of the buyer journey.

This lead magnet funnel converts very well for content creators allowing them to offer a “free-resource” while capturing and email and converting buyers through a series of email sequences.

Kyle Kostechka has onboarded more than $100 million onto ClickBank as a business development manager, helping refine sales funnels and build offers with ClickBank’s top clients.

He’ll also break down how either a native ad on a content site or a Facebook ad can drive potential buyers to a bridge page and ultimately complete a sale. This kind of workshop has never been offered before by ClickBank’s in-house sales team.

Join him as he shows you real-world examples of how a content site drives potential customers from an organic social media post through a lead magnet funnel to complete a sale.

Here’s the thing:

This isn’t theory or some guru’s untested “secret methodology.”

The funnels reviewed in this workshop have made over $700K and include tactics used by hundreds of ClickBank’s highest earning affiliates.

People spend months testing and iterating their own sales funnels to learn what you could in under two hours with this workshop.

90-Minute Guided Funnel Workshop w/ Real Examples

You heard that, right?

This isn’t theory or some guru’s untested “secret methodology.”

You can condense months of time into minutes by learning directly from the person behind the highest performing offers on ClickBank.

With the help of ClickBank’s sales team, you can unpack real world examples of funnels that have actually made money.