Career Starter Package

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First of all, congrats on signing up for Spark!

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Before you dive in, I want you to ask yourself… What’s your goal with this?

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What if you could have all the tools, education, and resources needed to actually start a new career and generate full-time income with affiliate marketing?

For the first time ever, we’ve created the Career Starter Package exclusively for affiliates that are ready to go all-in with affiliate marketing.

Here’s what this package includes:

Spark Certification

Getting Started as an Affiliate

The 7-day challenge

Legendary Copywriter Anik Singal’s “Copy That Converts”

Super-Affiliate Max Finn’s “Facebook Ad Mastery”

Ian Stanley’s “Dominate the Inbox” Email Marketing Course

Access to our Live Event “Spark Live” replays (2021 + 2022)

ClickBank’s “Funnel Workshop”

Our step-by-step guided training shows you how to earn massive commissions 5x faster than the average affiliate.

What You’ll Learn

Course 1: Learn the Basics (Spark Certification/Getting Started)

Course 2: Write High Converting Copy (Anik Singal’s Copy That Converts)

Course 3: Learn How to Drive Traffic (Max Finn Facebook Ads + 7 Day Challenge)

Course 4: Learn What’s Working Now (Monthly Live Event)

Course 5: Optimize Your Funnel (Spark’s Funnel Workshop)

Course 6: Capture Email Leads to Increase Your Sales (Dominate the Inbox)

Course 7: Leverage New Traffic Channels (Spark Live 2021 + 2022)

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