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Landing Page Builder

Create affiliate-specific landing pages that effectively convert cold traffic into buyers

Funnel Builder

Easily build multi-step funnels to seamlessly guide your leads through each step of the buying journey and increase conversions

Email Marketing

Send targeted emails and leverage email automation to continue to market to your audience and boost sales

Contact Management

Keep track of your leads all in one place with a simple tagging contact management system


Gain valuable insights into your funnel’s performance and make data-driven decisions to increase your commissions

Done-for-You Templates

Get started quickly with the templates that thousands of successful affiliates are already using for their landing pages, funnels, and email campaigns

Accelerator Pricing

ClickBank’s All-in-one Affiliate Marketing Tool

ClickBank Proprietary Features

  • Intelligent Funnel Generator
  • Proven Affiliate Funnel Templates
  • Pre-written Email Sequences for ClickBank Top Offers

Landing Page Builder

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Website & Blog Builder
  • Hosting Included
  • Customize & Sync Brand Assets

Email Marketing Suite

  • 4 Major Campaigns per Month
  • Email Templates Constantly Updated

Lead Management Center

  • Up to 10,000 contacts
  • 15 Active Funnels
  • Easily Tag & Organize Contacts

Analytics + Funnel Reporting

  • Visitors
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rates

$87/mo $33/mo

(Billed Semi Annually)

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Other Tools

Connecting 3rd party tools to promote on Clickbank



Landing Page Builder


Email Marketing Suite


Lead Management Center


Analytics + Funnel Reporting


You made a great decision joining Spark. Spark is designed to show you how to start making sales on ClickBank and is taught by the ClickBank team as well as leading industry experts. As you go through Spark and start promoting, you’ll need to use certain tools to be promote offers. Accelerator combines these tools and packs them all into one powerful affiliate marketing platform. Spark students LOVE using Accelerator as its the platform our instructors use inside the Spark curriculum.

Yes! Our instructors use Accelerator in the Spark curriculum. When you have access to both Spark and Accelerator, you’ll be able to follow along step by step, click by click with your instructors.

You don’t have to use Accelerator to make sales on ClickBank, but the vast majority of successful affiliates on our platform do use at least one or more of the tools provided inside Accelerator.

You can sign up for Accelerator anytime. However, The discounted price on this page may not be available elsewhere. If you sign up later, you will pay the normal price for Accelerator.

Because ClickBank makes money when you make money, we are the only company that cares about you ACTUALLY making money on ClickBank. The rest just want to nickel and dime you for cash.

You can! You can connect up to 15 domains. Instructions on how to do that can be found inside your account.

You can cancel Accelerator or Spark anytime by emailing spark@clickbank.com.

In 5 minutes or less, you can have ClickBank product-specific funnels ready to go at your fingertips with just a couple clicks.